Hazardous waste requires handling and disposal by proven experts. IRT provides the skills and knowledge to quickly and successfully resolve hazardous waste disposal issues. With two experienced chemists on staff, IRT personnel can expertly identify and sort hazardous wastes into its proper waste classification.

IRT provides a full line of comprehensive services to help our customers manage hazardous waste. Our waste removal experience includes drum and soil removal, as well as removal of both bulk liquids and solids. We are experienced in handling liquid wastes such as:

    Electroplating solutions
    Heavy metal solutions
    Dry cleaning solutions
    Sodium hydroxide liquids
    Various acid wastes
    Flammable liquids
    Chlorinated solvents

We are also well-versed in the removal of flammable solid wastes, lead paint chips, lead waste from firing ranges, dry cleaning solvent contaminated soil, heavy metal filter cakes from manufacturing operations, and contaminated septic waste.

IRT will implement and coordinate all waste removal projects from start to finish, including all document submission, facility approvals and manifesting. Our highly capable staff has the skills needed for proper handling and storage of hazardous materials. We can aid in navigating the rules and regulations to ensure compliance on local, state, and federal levels, in a safe and reliable manner.

IRT has the knowledge and training necessary to ascertain what materials must be incinerated and which materials may be disposed of through the most economically feasible standard disposal option available. All IRT personnel receive the proper training in handling and usage of correct personal protective equipment, qualifying them to work with hazardous materials.

Whatever your hazardous waste management issues, IRT can develop a customized solution to ensure compliance and reduce liability.