Transporter Permits

American Lamp Recycling-NY 364 EXP 10/4/24
American Lamp Recycling-CT EXP 6/30/20 
Freehold Cartage-NH PA EXP 4/24 
Freehold Cartage-New Hampshire EXP 6/30/24
Freehold Cartage-Haz Mat Registration EXP 6/30/2025
Freehold Cartage-RI EXP 6/30/2024
Freehold Cartage-ME EXP 2/29/28
Freehold Cartage-CT EXP 6/30/25
Freehold Cartage-MI EXP 6/30/2024
Freehold Cartage-NY 364 EXP 6/30/24
Freehold Cartage-NJ EXP 6/30/2022
Freehold Cartage-PA Hazardous Waste Permit EXP 5/31/24

Freehold Cartage-Uniform EXP 6/30/2020
GFS-NY 364 EXP 5/10/24

Goulet Trucking NY 364 EXP 11.31.22

Grid Logistics EXP 11/5/19

Horwith-NY 364 EXP 2/28/2022
IRT NY 364 EXP 9/22/2024
IRT NJ CPCN Solid Waste Transporter
IRT PA Hazardous Waste Permit EXP 10/31/24

IRT PA Non-Hazardous Waste Permit EXP 9/30/24
IRT CT Hazardous Waste Permit EXP 6/30/24
IRT Nassau County Tank Removal License EXP 3/31/21
IRT DOT Special Permits EXP 9/30/26
IRT Yonkers Pump Installer Permit EXP 10/1/18
IRT NJ UST Certification EXP 10/31/26
JC Transport EXP 8/9/2024
J & D Trucking-NY 364 EXP 1/20/23
Page ETC-NY 364 EXP 4/30/23
Republic Environmental Systems Transport Group-NY 364 EXP 9/30/2024

Republic Environmental Systems PA Non-Hazardous Waste Permit EXP 6/30/24
Valiant Contracting EXP 3/12/24
Veolia-NY 364 EXP 10/31/22
Waste Recycling-NY 364 EXP 5/31/2024
William J. Lauer-NY 364 EXP 1/23/24


IRT NYC WBE EXP 8/30/25 

IRT Suffolk WBE
IRT Nassau County WBE

IRT Port Authority of NY & NJ WBE EXP 6/07/27
IRT A-901 License
IRT Hazardous Material Certificate of Registration EXP 6/30/24

IRT Nassau County Tank Removal License

IRT NJ Tank Removal License

IRT BIC EXP 2.28.25



EPA ID# Form with Instructions
IRT Customer Order Form
Credit Card Authorization Form