Site Restoration

As a final part of the waste removal process, IRT can provide complete site restoration. IRT owns backhoes and heavy equipment that can be utilized for such site work. Our machines are used for trenching, underground pipe installation, backfilling, grading, paving, and landscaping.

Once a project has been completed, our staff will expertly restore the property to its original or cleaner state.


IRT can perform a variety of landfill related services. We can install soil or asphalt, remediate old landfills, and perform all necessary site restoration operations. Our landfill capping and closure services include:

  • Soil excavation
  • Excavation, classification, and disposal of excess waste
  • Aphalt, concrete, and soil cover cap installation
  • Access road construction
  • All excavation, backfilling, grading, compaction, berm construction, and cover placement