Waste transportation is a critical link in the waste disposal chain. IRT offers Vacuum and Guzzler truck services to help our clients transport and dispose of their bulk liquid and solid wastes.

Our trucks are permitted to transport a variety of liquids, including oil, sludge, flammable, or combustible solutions. Guzzler Trucks are utilized in the removal and transport of wastes generated from dry wells, catch basins, or drain cleanouts.

Our team of experienced staff understands the legal requirements and regulations of waste transportation and disposal, allowing for a successful transition to disposal sites while complying with all RCRA and DOT requirements. IRT ensures all waste material is properly separated, packaged, and labeled and that all shipping documents are properly completed, meeting each disposal facilities' requirements, thereby minimizing any potential liability issues.

IRT has the knowledge and experience to provide proper and safe transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste at economical costs. IRT is qualified and ready to be your transportation partner

In addition, our well-established relationships and high volume of waste disposal and transportation, IRT is able to offer the best competitive pricing available.

Our multi-state transporter permits allow us to move large quantities of wastes in an environmentally sound way, compliant with all appropriate regulations. Our truck services include;

    Oil/water separator - liquid and solids
    Waterline cleaning
    Sump and floor drain cleaning
    Industrial wastewater
    Groundwater removal
    Sludge removal